michele and bruce wedding reception - asheville nc wedding photography

Michele and Bruce eloped last year in Scotland, but they wanted to have a small gathering of family and friends to celebrate their nuptials state-side. I was thrilled when they asked me to shoot some couple’s photography for them and to photography the wedding reception and family photos.

Michelle & Bruce -20.jpg

Michele and Bruce were full of love and laughter, as were their friends. I love getting the chance to photograph goofy and lovable people who are just genuinely happy to be together.

Michelle & Bruce -132.jpg

Bruce and Michele’s couple’s photos were to die for. I love everything about these. The styling, the setting, and the obvious chemistry between them!

Thank you again, Michele and Bruce! Here’s to many happy years of marriage, and many more adventures.

Michelle & Bruce -133.jpg

carina & ezra in "the rocky horror wedding show" - a rocky horror themed wedding at the historic rialto theater in raleigh nc

When my friends Carina and Ezra told me they wanted me to photography their wedding, I was thrilled. Then they told me they were going to get married during a live production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” at the same theater where they first met. Then I was excited beyond imagining! Simply shivering with anticipation…………………..

Carina & Ezra -1.jpg

The shadow cast was made up of various friends, all of whom did a spectacular job.

Carina & Ezra -333.jpg

The Rialto was an incredible space. Built in 1942, this fine-arts theater was the perfect place for a Rocky Horror Wedding. They have been performing live shows of the Rocky Horror Picture Show nearly every week for decades! Carina and Ezra actually met at one! How romantic is that?!

Carina & Ezra -4.jpg

Of course when two theater folks get married, there are details galore, including wedding-themed Rocky Horror prop bags!

Carina & Ezra -727.jpg
Carina & Ezra -730.jpg

Carina and Ezra played Columbia and Rif-Raff respectively. Just after the opening wedding scene, they paused the film, changed wardrobe, and had their own beautiful ceremony. Carina and Ezra’s love for each other is always a wonderful thing to behold, and their ceremony was no different. It is such an absolute pleasure to witness two people join together in such a tender and honest way.

Carina & Ezra -126.jpg
Carina & Ezra -136.jpg
Carina & Ezra -155.jpg
Carina & Ezra -177.jpg

After a short and sweet ceremony, it was back to the show! I have so many great photos from the performance, so here’s a few of my favorites:

Congratulations, Carina and Ezra! Here’s to many happy and crazy years!

Carina & Ezra -198.jpg