turks and caicos part 4

So this whole ridiculous, whirlwind working vacation started with one thing: The Parachute.  Last year, I told Jill that I always wanted to shoot with one. She said she "knew a guy" with one, if I would use her as the model. I was planning on asking her anyway, and her "guy" ended up being storage at ACT.  We shot on the side of Craggy Mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway, with Amanda Rose designing the rest of the outfit for the shoot.


This was to-date the most harrowing and adventurous shoot I had ever done, and I wanted more! I thought about it a lot and decided that the parachute needed to have a second shoot in the Turks and Caicos.

So, one morning, we awoke before dawn, boarded a boat to North Caicos, rented a car, drove to Middle Caicos, and shot in Mudjin Harbor. This was the result.