kayla's 70s shoot : the digital part

I recently partnered up with friend and model Kayla Morgan to do a 70s-themed shoot.  We decided early on to shoot the bulk of it on 35mm format film, but decided to shoot a couple of images digitally as well.  While we wait to get the film developed, here's a sneak peek at some of the images we created and edited to look like old 70s fashion film.

We started out shooting in this gorgeous hydrangea bush in my front yard, playing with light-leaks and sun flares a bit and enjoying the floral-on-floral patterning of Kayla's awesome vintage dress

Kayla nailed the soft, sensuous 70s vibe!

We moved out to my in-laws' house in Mills River for the rest of the shoot.  I played more with faking some light-leaks and colour fading in these.  I'm really pleased with how they came out!

And of course, we couldn't end our day without doing a small tribute to Guy Bourdin!

fashmob vii: media magnet

Here are my favorite shots from the latest Fashmob at Reuter Terrace.  Thanks as always to Duncan Chaboudy for organizing this amazing event.

The wide steps in front of the fountain provided an excellent backdrop for the first hour.  I love the starkness of the concrete in the afternoon light.

     Left: Emily Gillis, styled by Grace Cox, makeup by model.
     Right: Kasha Gauthier, wearing KatDog Couture, makeup by model.
Brooke Jagger, wearing clothing from her own line Feathered Gypsies, makeup by model.
Grace Elizabeth Cox, styling and makeup by model
Beautiful Sophia. What a pleasure it was to meet this serene and artistic young lady.
Masha Bachuk wearing Rachel Weisberg, makeup and floral crown by model.

The flowering Dogwood trees surrounding the park also provided a colourful and dynamic background.

Deanna Tipton wearing Royal Peasantry
Casey Puhr wearing Brain Candy Inc.

As evening wore on, I moved to the planters around the terrace to use their directional lights for some fun 70's themed shots with Kayla Morgan.  Kayla's makeup was done by Anna Grace Waller.  I always love shooting with this girl, and I think that her personal style and vibe really came through in these photos!