it's been a while...

When I started building this website at the beginning of the year, I promised myself I would update the blog regularly.  So, naturally, this is the first post I've written in almost 5 months!

It turns out that between organizing shoots, running my business, and editing, editing, editing, blogging ends up slipping through the cracks.  But, here I am, attempting to be better about it!

Most recently, the weather has been cooling off and the leaves are slowly changing for autumn (a.k.a. photographer's paradise!)  Model Kayla and I ran up on the parkway last week to try and catch the beginning of the fall colours.  Sadly, not many trees had transformed yet, so we decided to focus on colour and light. Ultimately, it was a fruitful afternoon that yielded some beautiful shots!

Some red smoke bombs yielded an interesting 15 minutes. Pro tip: smoke bombs burn the hell out of your eyes and make you smell like Satan,but they look hella cool!

Sometimes, the lust for adventure just hits you, and you have to go for a drive on the Parkway and chase down that gorgeous mountain light!  I'm lucky to live in a place that is so full of beauty, and to have talented friends that participate in my photo-seeking whims!