turks and caicos part 2

Welcome back! 

As promised, I will pick up where I left off at the pool with Jill and Goddessa Jewels.  Jill was nervous at first about doing bathing suit shots.  Cited reasons that I scoffed at included paleness of skin, bruised legs from job, age, etc.  I was equally nervous to make sure her first bathing suit shoot went well and she was happy with the results.  Not that she needed to worry, we ended up with a 4-page spread in Imirage for their swimsuit issue! She looks gorgeous, her bod is killer, and I didn't do ANY airbrushing! 


Light was once again a struggle, as there is just SO MUCH of it in the Turks and Caicos, and very little shade.  Luckily, I had my trusty man-serv... I meant husband Cody to wrangle the reflector.  Colvin basically served as stylist on this shoot, changing Jill's bathing suits in between sets and pulling her hair out of necklaces.  

Amy Metsker at Goddessa Jewels makes incredible pieces.  The ones she leant us for this trip included a lot of water-related materials like pearl, shell, aquamarine, and labradorite. 


Jill's skin glows in the warm light under the palm trees.

I can't believe we were nervous. She looks so awesome.